Laura Wilkinson McCall

Alisha has a God-given gift. God used her to heal a spiritual and emotional aspect of my life that was manifesting as near-debilitating pain. In one session, I was healed and given a new vision for my life and my ministry. Through her, I felt seen and held by my heavenly Father in a whole new way. I walked into that appointment living on ibuprofen, and walked out pain-free. Prior to my appointment, I had spent months working on physical pain, but once we pinpointed the spiritual attack in the session with Alisha, the physical pain was gone. I have felt the pain starting to creep back in, but by using the tools she gave me through the power of the Holy Spirit, I have been able to claim Jesus’s authority over my mind and my body, and have remained free from the pain I was experiencing.

DeLisa Griffin

I believe that Alisha came into my life at a key point of time. She has such a gift of seeing her client’s potential and helping the client manifest ways for becoming a better version of themselves, based on goals set by the client. I simply cannot say enough good things about Alisha and all the ways she has helped me become the woman I want to be. I’m still working my way through my life, learning and loving. Thank you, Alisha!

Katie D.

“I have always lived a very healthy and active lifestyle, and suddenly found myself suffering from unexplained chronic pain and health conditions that had become completely debilitating. I was constantly sick, in pain, and terrified about what was happening to my body. Finally, after undergoing a significant surgery, and having shingles and strep back-to-back, I had all I could take and was desperately searching for answers. In my first session with Alisha, she uncovered a significant traumatic event from my past that was buried in my subconscious, and had triggered this chain of events. After working with her for several months, I am sleeping better, emotionally and mentally healthier, and my chronic pain has been 75% resolved. I had also been told for nearly 15 years that due to advanced endometriosis, I would likely ever be able to have children of my own, and today I am 6 months pregnant, and having a healthy pregnancy! I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with Alisha, it has been completely life-changing for me.”

Shawna Tieman

“I have seen my friends and family who have worked with Alisha come off meds, smile more, look great, drop weight, and it is soon to be my turn. Alisha knows her business. She can help instigate lifestyle change that brings you to a place of being healthy and happy.”

Nikki Malone

“I began working with Alisha earlier this year, and am continuing to use the tools she gave me. She is so kind and passionate about educating and helping others develop skills that are life-changing. Thankful to have met her!”

Julienne Tolin

“Working with Alisha has been stimulating, interesting, and extremely helpful in learning to deal with everyday stress, and finding a better understanding of myself. If you are interested in becoming more self-aware and mindful, I highly recommend taking the time to work with her. You won’t be sorry you did!”

Dr. Deborah Costello

“Meeting with Alisha has been a game-changer. I wanted to get to the root of some life-long challenges and heal my body and mind. Alisha knows her stuff – very intelligent! Love her like a sister.”

Anna Burton

“I have to give all the credit to Alisha for my health journey. She seriously introduced me to my own body! She helped me to understand how my body is special and gave me the tools I needed to navigate my physical and mental relationship with eating. I can count on one hand the times I have binged since meeting with her. It’s been 6 months since my last session with Alisha and I am now eating intuitively and have lost 25 lbs. Thank you, Alisha, for helping me learn to love myself!”

LeAnne Workman

“I did a series of sessions with Alisha last year. I admit I was skeptical about it at first, maybe even a little hesitant, but by the end of my sessions Alisha had affected every part of my life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in a positive way. Together, we discovered things about me that I would never have found on my own. It has been several months since I finished that group of sessions and the things I learned still impact my life regularly. I strongly encourage everyone to give her a chance. She is very smart, caring and educated in her field. She knows what she is doing and is very honest with you throughout (even when it is hard to hear). She will do everything she can to help you individually. She looks at each client in depth and independently. Be honest with her and yourself and your life will be changed in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you, Alisha, for saving my life!”

Steve Kragthorpe

“Alisha is phenomenal. She is incredibly intuitive and a great communicator. She will help you navigate the pathway to making the life adjustments that we all need. I am so grateful that I have her as my coach!”


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