You have a story. We all do.

And we’re all trying to navigate this crazy thing called life. Maybe you’ve struggled with anxiety and depression your whole life, and you’ve finally reached the breaking point. Maybe you’re going through a divorce, or you’ve just lost a loved one and you’re grieving in a way you feel like no one can understand. Or, maybe you’ve been living with chronic pain, or an illness that’s taken away the life you’ve once had. You’ve been to doctor after doctor, and still have no answers.


Hope is here.

I’m Alisha Alessi Barnes

“To me, this is not a job. This is a calling. Being able to help people find freedom from things that have plagued their mind and body for years, and see them finally experiencing relief and freedom is truly a gift.”

About Me

Hope is here.







Chronic Pain


Intuitive Life Coaching

Consciously, you may feel like you’re doing everything right, or trying to anyway, but your body and life seems to be going in the opposite direction. Trauma or emotionally-charged events from your past can become trapped emotions in the body that manifest as pain, disease and behavior patterns that can prevent you from living a happy, healthy life. The subconscious mind and the body are connected in a way that cannot be ignored. By tapping into the subconscious, and asking the body what it needs, we can begin to address what’s causing the problem instead of simply treating the symptoms.

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Holistic Health Coaching

We see clients every day who are struggling with everything from weight gain, lack of sleep, low energy, depression, anxiety and relationship issues. Clients will often come in with a long list of medications that they desperately want to be off of. There may be simple things like diet changes, supplements or lifestyle adjustments that can be made, but our approach is to look at the whole person. What is going on at work, at home, and in your relationships? What kind of trauma or emotional events have occurred that are stored in the body, creating pain, disease or emotional distress? It’s time to find answers.

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