“The first time I met Alisha, I knew she was an answer to prayer. Her love for others is undeniable and her intuition about me was on point. She spoke truth into my life in a way I knew only God himself could have spoken to her. I’ve struggled through moments of abuse, neglect, and hopelessness. Alisha has helped me reach a new level with my confidence, self-worth, and love in who Christ calls me instead of the world. All I can tell others is I thank God for her because when I asked for him to bring me someone to stand in the gap in a moment I was terrified to face alone…there she was with arms open, willing to love me in my brokenness, the way that God does. She is beyond gifted in the ways she can lead others back to Christ, but it’s her deepest passion to help others that have truly set me free from my past and lead me to the present. She’s even helped to save my marriage! If you need a sign – this is it! She’s the best you’re going to find. This Godly woman here – she is pure love.”