“I have always lived a very healthy and active lifestyle, and suddenly found myself suffering from unexplained chronic pain and health conditions that had become completely debilitating. I was constantly sick, in pain, and terrified about what was happening to my body. Finally, after undergoing a significant surgery, and having shingles and strep back-to-back, I had all I could take and was desperately searching for answers. In my first session with Alisha, she uncovered a significant traumatic event from my past that was buried in my subconscious, and had triggered this chain of events. After working with her for several months, I am sleeping better, emotionally and mentally healthier, and my chronic pain has been 75% resolved. I had also been told for nearly 15 years that due to advanced endometriosis, I would likely ever be able to have children of my own, and today I am 6 months pregnant, and having a healthy pregnancy! I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to work with Alisha, it has been completely life-changing for me.”