“I’ve been a client of Alisha’s for three months now and wanted to share the amazing impact it has had on my life. When I started, my top three goals were to have more energy, control my diabetes, and get some relief from arthritis pain in my back. Alisha helped me by showing me what to eat and what to avoid eating based on my ethnicity, blood type, and food intolerances. She also helped me start a sustainable exercise program, taught me some relaxation techniques, and how to get better sleep. The result: I AM NO LONGER ON ANY MEDS! Not for diabetes or allergies, and I actually breathe better, and snore less (so I’m told), than when I was on the meds. I also have more energy, I’ve lost weight, and I’m more relaxed and have more confidence. Alisha is so caring, supportive and knowledgeable! In this day and age there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t benefit from her services, whether it’s finding the right diet for you specifically, getting more energy, help recovering from a disease or illness, or finding pain relief. She is more than just a health coach! She’s also a lifestyle coach so she can help with day-to-day coping skills, overcoming trauma and abuse, recovering from addictions, relaxation techniques, or just helping someone establish daily routines so his/her life flows better and is more productive.”